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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


In Grade 5 we are trying to summarize stories into 50 words

Mineral Mania Mystery

Grayson nabbed a blue stone at a roadside rock shop. There was a label it read, "Lapis lazuli a stone used to make jewelry”. “It’s the wrong hardness.” Grayson brought the specimen home. Soon scientists found that it’s aernite. They found that aernite's crystals are composed of millions fibers packed.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Grammar Bites

(art museums) There are art museums in Jakarta.                                         

(golf courses) There are many golf courses in Jakarta.        

(shopping centers) There are many shopping centers in Jakarta.


(International Schools) There are International Schools in Jakarta.

 (ice rinks) There are some ice rinks in Jakarta.

(virtual reality game centers)

There aren't any virtual reality game centers in Jakarta.

(movie theaters) There are many movie theaters in Jakarta.

(hospitals) There are hospitals in Jakarta.                      

(car wash centres) There are car wash centers in Jakarta.

(photocopy centers)
There are photocopy centers in Jakarta.

(chair lifts) There are some chair lifts in Jakarta.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mineral Sentences

There are lots of gold in Peru.

Lots of silver can be found in Chile.

On April 2nd lots of zinc were found in Tokyo.

Lots of copper can be found in Sumbawa.

There are lots of calcite in Argentina.  

There are a lot of sapphires that can be found in Carolina.

There are a lot of emeralds in northwest Pakistan.

 A lot of rubies can be found in the northern British Columbia.

In South Dakota there is a lot of fossils.

There is a lot of diamonds in African.


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