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Thursday, June 4, 2009

My PYP Exhibition Reflection


The Exhibition was two days long. Both of those exhibition days was very tiring. Each day took the whole school time. Some days it was 2 presentations and sometimes there were 3.
The first day began. It was the beginning of the two-day exhibition. I had 3 presentations to do today. One of them was the display.
Before we started the exhibition we made display boards; one for each group.
The display boards were made for showing other people about what we’ve learnt, what our goals were and what the groups’ focus is. We had 2 days to prepare for the displays. We had to present the displays on each day of the exhibition.
There was also Gaudi’s presentation that needed the whole group. We showed Gaudi’s presentation in the dance studio. Gaudi showed a movie that he made about the turtle hatchery and our trip there. We also had to explain the group focus and our personal focus one by one. We had to present this in front of our friends, families, teachers and others.
The other presentation was my quiz show that I made. I invited people to play my quiz on the smart board. A Smart board is a tool that is a touch screen. The function of the smart board is to control the computer or laptop by your fingertips by tapping on the board. I made this quiz about mining, companies and the mining company Newmont.
I think I was a good communicator because I needed to speak loudly and clearly for the audience to understand what I was saying.
The second day started. I needed only to do 2 presentations. Today the grade 4, 6, 7 and also Ibu Indah cam to see the exhibition.
The first one was the displays. Just like on the first day. This time other people had to leave comments about the display. The second day I received more question about the turtle hatchery. It was a lot of questions, but I managed to answer mostly all of them.
This time my quiz was presented in the dance studio. My presentation was turned into a game of ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader’. My quiz was the last presentation. After we were done. Our teacher gave us some ‘Pocari Sweat’ and ice chocolate.
I learned that I also needed to be balanced in my quiz. You need to balanced the quantity and the quality of what you will present.
This exhibition was very tiring, we had to do a lot, but finally the exhibition was successful. I learned a lot thanks to my exhibition.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Presentation From The PYP Exhibition

This is my quiz. I showed this quiz on 28 and 29th of May 2009. This quiz is about mining. It teaches us about mining and it’s consequences. This quiz also includes questions of minerals, mining companies and mining. There are three characters. Dave, Mark and Sally. This is a video of my quiz being played.

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