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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Basketball Talent


I have lots of talent, but I think my best talent is playing basketball. It is a very good fun game. My father first taught me basketball in the age of 6. My favorite day is Tuesday because it is the day I have the subject sports and I also have an after school activity (and yes it is basketball J). That is why I like Tuesdays.


My favorite teams are Miami Heat and the New York Nicks. Those are my favorite teams. I like it when one of the players do my favorite move (the slam dunk)! But it is very hard even I can’t do it, but it is an awesome move to make. But my favorite player in basketball is Michael Jordan because he can Do a lot of slam dunks. Some people call him Michael Air Jordan because he can stay in the air for a long time. I will keep on trying to make a slam dunk.



Now I am going to tell you about my first basketball game. I was in 4th grade and there was a basketball game for all the grades coming up. The teacher divide all of us into 4 groups. I won! (but in second place L). It was good though I got a medal for second place (I got silver, not good as gold but better than bronze. The score of my 1st game is 3-4, so my team won, the second game the score was 2-4, but in the last game I lost the score was 4-6. So I got second place. I made 5 shots in total of all  my scores.

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